The management committee is an elected group of members responsible for overseeing the governance and fiduciary responsibilities of the club. The elected committee members for 2022 are:

  • Mark Player – Club Chairman
  • Sandra Parkinson – Club Secretary
  • David Stephens – Treasurer
  • Bikram Chopra – Tennis
  • Stephanie Fernandez – Projects
  • Ajey Kaushal – HR
  • Ian Fletcher – Events
  • Andy Mustill – Head Coach & Grounds
  • Jack Allan – Club Manager

The Club’s Directors are:

  • Mark Player
  • David Stephens

WLTC are committed to Sustainability 

The club run a Tennis Ball Recycling Scheme working with Recycaball:

What they do.. 
Company – Recycaball™ work closely with hundreds of clubs, coaches and players across the UK, offering the chance to recycle used tennis balls.

So many tennis balls end up in landfill once they’ve been used in competitions, and yet for most there’s a perfectly good application for them in other areas once the match is won.

We collect hundreds of used tennis balls every week, and arrange for their redistribution into other industries and applications.

Clubs don’t have to worry about disposal, and we pay for the collection, courier service and the actual balls themselves.

How it works..

Clubs, players & coaches contact us and request a recycling sack.

Once the club has collected enough used balls to fill a sack, we arrange courier collection from your preferred address.

We receive the balls, which are hand processed, graded, repackaged and redistributed.

Assuming the used balls meet our published standards, the club get paid for the balls that you’ve sent.

Charitable donations..

From some of the proceeds of the balls recycaball collect, they make regular donations to a wide variety of charities and good causes all across the UK.

These beneficiaries are chosen in main by the clubs, our network of suppliers, clubs & coaches.

Clubs can also elect to donate your ball proceeds directly to a charity, which we happily do on their behalf.

In addition, they donate some balls directly to local animal shelters, kennels and dog groups.

We post regular updates on our website, detailing the latest beneficiaries and any other news.