Club Rules & Etiquette


  • All court bookings must be made via your MYCOURTS member account, and your playing partner/s MUST be tagged in your booking
  • Guests MUST be tagged to your booking when you select a playing partner.
  • Guest fee payments are made at the point of completing the booking – by selecting ‘guest’.


  • Tennis wear and tennis shoes are the only clothing permitted on court.

NO – vests, jeans, dresses, football kits, shoes which leave marks, or playing topless.


  • If you have a court booked but there are players on it and it is past the start time of your session, please signal politely to the players on court that you have booked and are waiting and the players must then vacate the court.
  • If your ball goes onto another court, wait until they stop playing until you either ask for the ball, or fetch it.
  • Always go round the net, not over it.
  • If you need to cross a court to get to another court, wait until the game has finished or the people playing on the court signal for you to cross – do not walk behind junior or adult players or a coaching session if they are playing a point.
  • Spectators should consider players’ feelings and not offer advice, adverse comments or call out during games. Speak quietly if you have to use your phone near the courts.
  • Players should not shout or swear on court.  Please act professionally and do not shout out during rallies.
  • If there is a match (team players representing WLTC only) and they have not finished in time, unfortunately you will not be able to play on the court. The club allocates court time to matches but on occasion they can overrun. Please go the bar and ask a member of staff for help you book a different court (depending on availability).


  •  Only sports drinks or water, in sealed containers (no glass), are allowed on court, together with sports snacks.
  •  No gum should be chewed on court.