WLTC implementation of 2021 Stage 4 COVID-19 measures in England

Dear members,

From Monday, 19 July 2021, England moves into Stage 4 of the relaxation of COVID-19 restrictions. This means that restrictions in law shall be lifted.

However, businesses still have a legal duty to manage risks to those affected by their business, including compliance with statutory health and safety requirements. At WLTC, this means that we have reviewed the latest ‘Working Safely’ government guidance applicable in England, updated HSE material, and RBWM information. We have revised our risk assessments, including the risk of COVID-19, the needs of our more vulnerable members and guests, and the safety of our staff. The fundamental pathways of coronavirus transmission have not changed, and the greater infectivity of the Delta variant continues to be relevant.

We would greatly appreciate your support in complying with the following guidance.

Venue check-in

We encourage you to participate in the NHS Test & Trace effort, by signing in whenever at WLTC using the NHS COVID-19 app. If you do not have the app, our team will be happy to record your details at the bar in lieu, as before, kept securely for 21 days before disposal. Doing so will reduce the risk of COVID-19 both within the WLTC family and in the wider community.

Access to indoor courts

The use of face coverings to enter and depart the indoor courts will no longer be required. However, please feel free to continue doing so. We ask that conversations in the enclosed hallway be kept to a minimum; if stopping to converse, we recommend wearing a face covering as a courtesy to others who may need to share the hallway, since ventilation is not available in that area.

Social distancing

This is no longer legally required from 19 July. We will be reviewing the indoor seating layout, given good ventilation during the summer months. As a courtesy to those feeling more cautious, who may not have been fully vaccinated, or with vulnerabilities, we ask that you please continue to maintain social distancing when practical.

Changing rooms

These continue to remain open, with showers not in use. As these are not ventilated, we recommend the continued use of face coverings.

Court occupancy

Singles and doubles play continue unrestricted, and team training in larger groups is permitted. Coaching will be subject to separate risk assessments, as shared by the Active Tennis coaching team. We will continue to monitor advice shared by the LTA, who remain engaged with government.

Bar & lounge and outdoor balcony occupancy, and use of face coverings

There will not be any formal capacity restrictions from Monday 19 July. However, socialising in the balcony area, when comfortable, reduces risk. Also, the UK government recommend and expect the use of face coverings when indoor areas become crowded.

One-way systems and table service

These will no longer be used.

All Things Tennis (ATT) tennis shop

As an indoor, enclosed space, we ask that you continue to wear a face covering in the shop.

Hand hygiene

WLTC will continue to provide hand sanitiser throughout the facility, in all current locations. Frequent hand sanitising remains an important means of reducing the spread of COVID-19.


We will continue increased disinfection of frequently touched surfaces, in addition to daily cleaning.

Management of those with COVID-19 symptoms at WLTC

Please continue to abide by staff instructions, for the safety of others.

Compliance with contact tracing instructions

You must still comply with NHS Test & Trace instructions received via telephone, SMS, and email. We recommend using the NHS COVID-19 app, and following its isolation advice.