Club Policy on No-Shows – 01.06.22

Dear member,

We are experiencing a recent increase in the number of ‘no shows’ at the club.

No Shows are unacceptable and will be recorded, with action taken against members who abuse the rules.

Please make sure you cancel your booking if you cannot attend for any reason, allowing another member the chance to book that court. If you have not arrived within 15 minutes of an outdoor court booking, it will be recorded as a no-show and the court will be released to other members.

WLTC management are aware that some members use more than one Got Courts account to get around the booking rules. Members are expected to have one Got Courts account each, linked to their own name.

 Please Be Aware

  • Any breach will be recorded against the lead booker, who is responsible for the booking
  • Action will be escalated if abuse is found and repeated or continues within a set period 

 Court Booking Rules – Confirmation

  • Members are permitted to book courts, via their ONE Got Courts account
  • Members are required to tag ALL playing partners to their booking
  • Members can book up to 2 courts per day, with at least 1 hour gap in between bookings.
  • Members should not be on 2 bookings simultaneously either as the lead booker, or a tagged playing partner.
  • Members must arrive within 15 minutes of their outdoor court booking, or it will be recorded as a no-show, resulting in the court being released.

Any questions contact

Best regards,

WLTC Committee